your life through your lens

thanks for your interest! this weekly email is for mums (or dads or anyone really!) who want to learn how they can take better photos of their children (or friends or family!) at home. 

you will love these hints and tips if you: 
- own a digital SLR camera  
- want to learn how to use your camera on Manual in simple plain terms
- want to learn about composition and what you can do to make your photos that much better than what they are now 
- want to learn some of my tips and tricks for posing kids
- want to learn how to find the most flattering light and the different types of light
- you want to take your images from 'meh' to 'WOWSERS!'

I have been teaching mums and dads through my in-home life through YOUR lens: photography workshops for busy mums - what an amazing success and looking forward to sharing feedback with you from the attendees :) 

by signing up here, you will be the first to know about workshop availability as well as getting your weekly free tips!

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